The VibraSonic Mole & Gopher Chaser

The VibraSonic Mole & Gopher Chaser
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Get rid of lawn moles; get rid of gophers

- The most advanced Gopher and Mole Repeller available.

- Covers up to 13,500 square feet or 1/3 acre!
- Vibrations travel through the ground forcing burrowing rodents out!
The secret weapon of golf courses and landscapers isn't a secret anymore. The state of the art Vibra Sonic Molechaser® is the most advanced Molechaser® available, providing up to 13,500 square feet (1/3 acre) of coverage. Moles, voles, shrews, gophers and other destructive burrowing rodents “can’t hide anymore.”

How It Works
Most underground rodents have poor eyesight, yet nature has given them a very acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to ground vibration.
Field research has shown the Vibra Sonic Mole Repeller vibrations attack the auditory and nervous systems of destructive burrowing rodents causing them pain and discomfort.
The Vibra Sonic Molechaser's patented motor drive produces powerful vibrations that travel through the soil creating an environment that so irritating to burrowing animals they give up their source of food and shelter and move on.
The Vibra Sonic Molechaser operates in a circular pattern (approximately 130 ft. in diameter) emitting underground sonic pulses every 18 seconds.
Intermittent emissions minimize the chance that rodents will become immune to the effect.
The watertight cap allows easy insertion at ground level, protecting your lawn mower & making it virtually invisible.
The Vibra Sonic Molechaser® is anodized with a rich gold tone and crafted from a single billet of aluminum to ensure lifetime performance. The patented battery cylinder allows you to change batteries without removing the unit from the ground.
The Molechaser is tested by a U.S. certified laboratory.  This product gets the job done and has a life time manufacturers warranty.
• Does Not Affect Pets
• Convenient Battery Change Cylinder
• 100% Waterproof
• Bury Flush With Ground For Easy Mowing
• Rodents Are Chased Away Unharmed
Power:  6V DC
Battery:  4D Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life: 4 - 6 months
Dimensions: 16" X 2"
Duty Cycle:  18 seconds
Coverage:  13,500 sq. ft. (1/3 acre)
Lifetime Warranty


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